About Us - Our Philosophy


Our service to the city of Albany and Great Southern in Western Australia is a continuation of tradition in funeral directing since 1920. Our philosophy is one of honesty and transparency – there are no hidden costs, no ‘hard-sell’ and all of the support and understanding that you and your family require, day or night.

At some time in life, everyone will experience the loss of someone close. The grief, confusion and numbness that accompany the news of a death can sometimes make decisions, regarding funeral arrangements, difficult and stressful.

We understand that this is a deeply personal and private time, when sensitivity to the memory of a loved one is paramount. A funeral director’s role is to answer the many questions that will arise and to guide you through arrangements necessary to create a loving and final tribute.

Our logo explains a lot about our philosophy. With its references to the vibrancy of Mexican culture, we believe we all lead colourful and fascinating lives and that’s why we want your funeral service to be as individual as the person you love.

Our People

Bill Roth

Bill Roth is a fourth generation funeral director and is devoted to his profession. As a young boy in Holland, Bill first worked alongside his funeral director grandfather. As part of a large family with many children and grandchildren, Bill understands the complexities of life and has great empathy for people who suffer loss.

Sherrie Atkinson

Sherrie grew up in rural Western Australia and has a background in nursing and aged care based in Albany, making her a compassionate individual ideally suited to helping others through difficult times.

Both Bill and Sherrie are warm and friendly ‘ordinary’ people who understand what you are going through and will soon put you at ease. We are a family just like you who have loved and lost.


Just as each life is unique and individual, so is each funeral. Bill and Sherrie can organise and suggest some inspiring and simple options, taking care of all the details. Their experience and creative flair can provide you with a funeral service that is individually created for your loved one.

Albany Funeral Directors understand that after the loss of a loved one, funeral arrangements can be overwhelming. There is no ‘right’ way to conduct a funeral, other than the most appropriate and relevant to the bereaved family. We are sensitive to your needs and are dedicated to guiding you through this difficult time with care, compassion and respect, ensuring your personal and legal requirements are met.

The ceremony may be religious or non-religious, determined by tradition or unique and personal. It may be conducted by a minister, funeral celebrant, friend or family member. It may be held in a church, crematorium chapel, cemetery graveside or other special place.

As Australia’s mix of cultures is diverse, Albany Funeral Directors offer funerals for people of all creeds, ethnicity and social backgrounds. Discuss with us your needs so that we can arrange a funeral in accordance with your wishes and beliefs. Albany Funeral Directors are particularly familiar with Aboriginal Funeral Traditions.

Talk to Albany Funeral Directors on (08) 9842 3443 about your ideas to make the funeral service a special farewell.